Roof sheathing – It looks like a house!

One more post today. Eric stopped by after a meeting just before the sun set, and was met by this sight.

The roof sheathing makes an enormous difference. Suddenly it’s not a simply a lumber skeleton but it looks like a real house!

The barrel dormers are in place, as is the ice guard for the roof valleys and overhangs.

File Jun 30, 9 26 36 PM

While the center part of the main hip roof still needs roof underlayment, the garage roof is all ready for the roofers.

File Jun 30, 9 26 48 PM

File Jun 30, 9 27 02 PM

This is the kitchen! Beautiful framing, and lots of space, until we cram that enormous fridge and freezer in, anyway.


Wading through the appliance jungle

To prepare us for our kitchen meeting, Mike-the-Builder referred us to Heath at MAS distribution to help us with our appliance needs. That turned out to be a pretty spectacular eye opener, we’re never willingly paying retail again 😉

I should start out by saying: We love our dishwasher! It’s a Bosch we got a year ago, when Eric had one of his appliance lusting periods. He goes through them in cycles, it’s kind of endearing really.

With our current open concept kitchen, we can’t hear it running even if we’re in the kitchen. It cleans well and hasn’t given us any issues.
Bosch dishwasher

We’re getting one just like it for the new house. Why mess with a good thing.

With the huge new kitchen came Iron Chef aspirations.

While dreaming about a nice, shiny gas cooktop, Eric got his dreams cruelly crushed by the evil realist he married. If he picked a gas cooktop, he would be responsible for keeping it clean. induction cooktopHe settled for a 36″ induction cooktop with touch controls and beveled edges.

It will have a hood liner clad with something-yet-to-be-decided to top it off.

The built in microwave and convection wall oven will also be Electrolux, you’ll see the Swedish trend continue. This is actually the only appliance I had zoomed in on a brand for beforehand. The 27″ combination has some really nice reviews on different forums. We want the 30″ version, supposedly being released in September.

Microwave oven on top, convection oven below.

Wave touch controls show up when you interact with the oven.

Shiny, blue innards.

Thanks to a previous appliance lusting occasion 2 years ago, we currently have a big French door fridge with freezer drawer.  It’s very nice, even if the ice maker control board fried up after a year. I really like the full-wide drawer we use for sandwich making stuff, it’s at a good height for the boys to reach too, and the big space in the doors to hold five gallon jugs of milk and juice. Does it always fit what we want to keep at home on a daily basis? Nope. With one teenager and 2 boys soon hitting their teenage eat-a-thon years, bigger could be better.

Enter full sized fridge and full sized freezer.

We could fit bodies in there, note the plural.

And this will be the washer and dryer

We went a little over budget on the appliances. Hopefully things work >.<

Next up is design meeting #2 with Modern Home Concept Katie and Interior Design Studio Kate on Friday.

Roof framing

We drove by the house today after browsing lamps at Whitmer’s Lighting.
The framers are really on a roll, the majority of the roof trusses are in place and the only obvious major parts left are the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen and the barrel ceiling in the master bath. And the top section of the main roof.
F.Y.I it still looks huge.

front porch The front door and porch with the future column supports in place.

office and master bath The big office window followed by a smaller one in the Master bath WC, the window over the tub and lastly the small window in the Master shower.

basement stairs

Visualize stairs here! You will step down on the right side, to a landing by the exterior wall, and then make a 180 left and go down a few more steps.

Dining roomRight next to the stairs is the formal dining room. We are not very formal people and will likely use it as a reading area and or music room.

Baby grand one day?

Two boy bedrooms!
Ts bedroom 

Cs room

Number one has a view of the back yard, the second of the east side yard. Both with walk in closets and a shared bath in the middle. Their tub has moved closer to its future habitat, just a few more feet to go.


Looking out the window from the ‘backyard view bedroom’ this is visible. It’s the covered deck off the eating area in the kitchen. =)

Kitchen and deck Here is another view of the deck roof framing, seen from where the kitchen island will eventually be. The lack of roof trusses here is also obvious now.

Kitchen roof missing The ridge beam for framing the kitchen roof, and some trusses are up there waiting for their turn.

great room

This is the great room! Lots of windows, fireplace in the center of the wall.

garage roof  Garage roof.

laundry room

Standing in the huge pantry looking at the laundry room, and further away the half bath and the stair abyss.

master bath

shower window

This is the master bath, as seen from the master bedroom.

The tub will be straight ahead under the center window, WC to the left and shower to the right. There’s a walk in closet to either side before entering the actual bathroom.

The second picture shows the fourth window in the bathroom, just outside the shower, by one of the two vanities.

shower  This is M’s shower.

It will get to live in the basement when it grows up. =)

Let there be walls

We picked up M’s 8 week old puppy from his breeders’ today – We disguised the house stop as a ‘potty break’ and got to see the main floor with walls!


The kids’ shower and tub are neatly parked in front of the stack of roof sheathing. It also looks like they’ve started with the roof trusses. This is a part that I believe will take longer than our current house, since the roof is more complex.


I’m ignoring the weather forecasts until the roof is on. Nothing we can do about it. =)

Framing goes fast

The day we went to scout kitchen appliances we first stopped by the house to talk to Mike, our builder.

We were discussing kitchen layout and decided to move the range from the island back against the wall, to avoid having to use a down draft vent. We also decided to keep the raised dishwasher and sink along that same wall. The big fridge and freezer will move down to the wall that faces the short edge of the island.
This way the island will be for prep and homework and games only.
As a bonus we got to see the framing crew at work AND the weather was cooperating! =D

As the framers took their lunch break in the shade, we stepped up on the sub floors and took a look around. It felt great. The house still looks huge, and high. We’ll have a view of the tree tops!


This is the view from the great room, looking north. The fireplace will go on that little bump out in the middle. The food devouring will take place in the area attached to the corner that butts out to the right in the picture.


Another view of the fireplace ledge, this time taken while standing in the dining area off the kitchen. The Master bedroom will be in the corner towards the neighbour.


This is the Master bedroom, it will have windows on both walls. Look at that sky! First day in June without rain!


One long wall, framed and ready to rise when the connecting walls are ready to support it. It could be the wall between the great room and the Master bedroom.


The basement stairs will live in this rectangular hole that we glimpse a corner of in the foreground. Then comes the mud room area, the half bath and the laundry room. The boys’ rooms and their bathroom will be along outer wall along the horizontal center line of the photo. The short 2×6 wall seen here is an exterior wall for the dining room.


Still an impressive pile of lumber waiting to be cut to size. Apparently there is also still quite a bit of dirt left to be brought in as well. 20 loads or so.


As we were admiring said lumber pile, a flat bed arrived with the roof trusses! I wonder how they got them unloaded…


This is the view of the basement from the back yard, facing south. Taken from the top of a huge pile of dirt in the back yard. The window on the left and the wide door opening belong to the rec room area, the next window is M’s bedroom. The opening for the door in the dog area still needs to be cut out by the pink parks, right now it’s hobbit sized.


The walls of the walk out part of the basement have been framed, sheathed and wrapped. This is the dog door and the windows in the part of the basement that will be unfinished for now. Work out area? I could go for some thick, colorful foam mats 😉


The window to the right will be in M’s bedroom, the pole will be in the wall between her bedroom and bath. And the dog door opening can be seen in all its glory to the left.


I beam and cool looking floor joists with bridging. This kind is also called x-bracing, it supposedly allows joists to share weight, for a stiffer, less squeaky floor. As a footstep falls on one joist, some of the force applied is transferred to neighboring joists.


Permit box by the dumpster! The temporary power pole is also in, but not in the picture 😉

Since the framers got this much done in one and a half days, I wonder how much further they will get by tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want to miss seeing the progress, we might have to stop and have a peek after we pick up M’s puppy!


This week is for framing, so Eric drove over to the house after work to take some ‘before’ pictures.

Something is different…

Dirt and lumber June 22

The front yard has come up a good few feet! And there are some impressive stacks of lumber waiting for the framers to start doing their thing tomorrow.

container and I beams June 22

Some serious looking I-beams, load bearing lolly columns and a huge dumpster on the east side of the construction driveway.

Garage June 22

Looking into the garage, there are literally TONS of gravel filling up the area that will eventually have concrete poured as flooring for Bruce and Ema.

Basement June 22

The basement has also gotten the gravel treatment. The sliding glass door opening to the future patio area spills out gravel into the back yard. The man door for the dog room still has to be cut out on the left hand side.
This is a pretty nice view of the back yard. Got trees! =D

First design meeting

On June 16th we had our first meeting with Kate from The Interior Design Studio and Katie and Mike-the-Builder from Modern Home Concepts to go over our selections. The exterior choices had already been made and ordered before they broke ground for the house, but we got to see samples. Plenty of earth tones including grays, clay and browns.


The front will have a predominately gray stone mix cladding the foundation as well as the exterior wall of the office and the garage. It will also cover the bases of the three front porch columns.

The majority of the remaining front facade will have shakes like the sample in the center of the next photo. Foundry 7″ staggered shake in ‘Harvest Wheat’.Exterior colors

The siding will be clay, windows almond but with white trim around them so they won’t just blend in. The fascia and upper part of the front porch columns will also be w hite. I am not sure I remember correctly but the gray might be for downspouts? The shutters will be stained SW Buckthorn.

The roof shingles will be ‘driftwood’, a dark brown/gray dimensional shingle with lighter brown specks.

And finally the front door will be the darkest brown wood chip in the stack, the one underneath the shake.

We will have a variegated medium brown stained hickory floor throughout the main floor, except the bathrooms and the laundry room which will be tiled. That is for next meeting through.

One other selection had been made and that was the tub in the master bathroom:bfusacwbwalnutTa-da! It will be awesome.

Plumbing fixtures were on the agenda, something that in my mind should just work and be easy to clean. Not something you fall in love with…
The plumber who does the installs warrants Moen faucets, so that’s what we went with.

After some thinking about knobs vs levers we ended up with these:

Bathroom faucets from the 90 degree collection.

 A faucet from the Align collection for the kitchen.

American Standard 2794.204

The toilets will be elongated, comfort height American Standard Studio with concealed trap and dual flush.

ETA: After some decision anxiety we settled on the Delta Trinsic freestanding tub filler.
Now I’m doubting the square faucets.

Before the next meeting we should have appliances selected, because then we meet with Steve-the-cabinetmaker.