Siding has started!

At the front of the house some windows have trim! There are also scribbles on the house wrap indicating where there should be siding, shakes and stone.

We weren’t sure if that was it for progress as we walked around the house clockwise; but once we turned the corner by the dog room there it was.


The colour is very neutral, more gray than beige and no yellow undertone, to my relief. Yellow is not a favourite.

As we walked through the basement the two man siding crew took their lunch break. They were playing classic rock in their truck on the way to search for food so we could look around without feeling like we were oogling their semi dressed state. >.<

The bigger indoor drywall crew on the other hand were fully clothed, and listened to Mexican music. They they were labouring away furiously putting corner bead up, so we didn’t want to disturb them.

We did sneak into the boys’ bedrooms. The second to last photo shows the corner bead at the funky angle in T’s bedroom. The entrance door to his room is on the right, his walk in closet to the left.

Finally, the last picture is of the boys’ purple bathroom.


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