I use antlers in all of my decorating ♫♩♬

Aka: Lighting revisited.

We had picked out all the lights, except the entry fixture since Whitmer’s did not have one that fit my preconceived notion of what I wanted.
We went quite a bit over our lighting budget.

Quite a bit as in double. >.<

Which would be OK if we actually cared a lot about lights.

We don’t.
Since we were happy with many of the fixtures, we’re just adjusting the big ticket choices.
This is the light we had picked out for the dining room. first dining room option

It looks neat. Combines some industrial vibe with glass that is not crystal but still sparkles.
(Eric has a thing about crystal being ‘old people lights’ I guess it complements purple hair.)
However, it is not $800 worth of pure awesomeness.

We decided to switch it out to this instead.


Similar concept, if busier and more random. It is a lot prettier to look up at, considering the formal dining room will be a reading nook. And a little less expensive.

We will do dark/bronze’ish fixtures throughout the living areas. The one shown above is chrome with clear crystals whereas the bronze version comes with amber crystals.
I don’t know how that will turn out. Either warm and cozy, or like someone covered everything in the room with a thick layer of nicotine grime. It will be exciting to find out!


Here is the bronze & amber version, but in a size smaller than we will get.

Another change of heart and a complete change of direction, style wise: The snot lights will not happen. Not just because of the price.
I saw these cute pendants at Pottery Barn, more like old helmets than mucus.

kitchen island pendant catalog

And Whitmer’s carries something similar enough that I can live with it. Maybe.

The size we want will not have the vertical bands, not as helmety. I still like the restoration vibe. But it gives me another problem.
It is really tough to settle on an ‘over the dining table light’, to go with the little helmet wannabes. They will share the same big cathedral ceiling space.
Something with classic white glass would work, but sounds awfully boring. Any number of dark/bronze chandeliers could work, but it is really difficult zoning in on something.
It would be simpler if we just picked a theme and stuck to it, like Gaston’s antlers in Beauty and the Beast.

Here is a photo of our outdoor lights that I managed to not get pictures of on lighting day. I think it’s a happy medium between traditional and contemporary. And as a bonus it has bubble glass.


And here is the master bath sconce, x 4.

master bath sconce

Finally, the entry light.
Even though I want to make one, I realistically don’t have the time to commit to it right now.
I prefer this one over the tons of other orb lights out there due to the arrangement of straps and the shape of the chandy in the center.


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