Last August update

This means the next time we see the house will be in September. As in the month when things are scheduled to be finished.

Crazy, but seeing how things are moving along I believe it.

We have tapered columns on the front porch today.

Also plaid shorts.

dining room

Stepping inside, the dining room supports have gotten dressed up in turn!

Not plaid.


The office doors. They will eventually not lean against the wall. And be white.
Bonus weirdo kid reflections in the glass.


The great room windows with trim!

And here are the windows in the dinette area of the kitchen. Just two more pieces of trim needed here.IMG_2293

The deck, this time with railing.


We got to see a crew working on the septic tank install.


Back in the kitchen. When the trim carpenter left the pantry to cut something at the miter saw, we sneaked in and took a picture of the shelving he was working on.

There is still room to fit a good sized bed in the pantry even with the shelving.

laundry roomThis is the laundry room floor the tile setters were working on last time we were at the house.

All the photos are taken with natural light, so the light falling on the floor here is from the window in T’s bedroom.

Can still make out the colour (or lack thereof *grin*)


Next up is the kids bathrooms. The boys’ sink area

kids bath


And M’s bathroom in the basement.

basement floor

Speaking of basement, the pile of flooring has slowly started to migrate. About 1/3 of the rec area looks like this!

There was a trim carpenter downstairs as well, working on window and exterior door trim.

master bath

Back upstairs in the master bath, this is how the floor looks right now.


The shower floor, got slope.


Here is a photo of the interior of the garage, the windows in the doors are awesome. Seeing that window in the single bay door makes me smile.


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