Let the bodies hit the…


There are sweaty offspring footprints in the dust, but there is definitely a floor here!
Much squealing commenced.


We arrived just as the sun dipped below the horizon, so the lighting is iphone created.
The floor is variable width Hickory in a medium stain and satin finish. Think it’s sufficiently dirt coloured to hide mud and dog hair?

Next squeal happened in the master bath.


The new wall tile arrived, and it looks fantastic.
I’m very pleased with the 4×12, and the glass accent looks nice.
The shelves are skimpy, my shampoo bottle would take up one, and the conditioner the other.


This is the cap on the half wall between shower and the bath tub area. It’s Caesarstone Classic in Nougat, just like the counter tops in the bathroom will be (installing tomorrow?), and I believe it will give us enough of a ledge to put bar soap and rubber duckies on in the shower. If the glass wall butts up to the edge of the tile.
We’ll see.

Heading down to the basement for squeal number 3.
At this point it was really getting dark, but I still had to take a photo.
It’s the DOG SHOWER!


Clearly it isn’t done-done, it will not be OSB when finished.  But I don’t actually know what it will end up looking like. I think I specified ‘Some kind of dirt colored, budget field tile.’
I don’t really care, it will be a dog shower =D


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