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The final countdown

Timeline: Parade of homes deadline minus one week.
The craftsmen at the house today said they will finish in time as long as the builder stays away ūüėČ
Mike-the-Builder has a really good report with them, and they have gone above and beyond when things have cropped up.
Such as instead of grouting the kitchen yesterday like planned they were cutting and installing more backsplash today.


Happy green =)
Also a first peek at the pendant lights over the kitchen island.


That BIG box is the dining table chandelier.

Kitchen cardboard

These even bigger boxes are the fridge and freezer, their trim kit is the long box on the floor. The dishwasher has the cooktop on top.
The right light in the wrong spot can also be seen here.


The laundry room boxes.


Speaking of lights, here is my favourite entry light turned on.

Sparkly and throwing cool shadows on the ceiling and walls.

And once again,¬†I am so happy with how this turned out. I don’t think I will stencil these walls after all, the shadows are really neat.


The great room fireplace has been finished.


The master bedroom tray ceiling light in action.


Master bath has shiny new shower heads and controller thingies. Just missing the hand held.

The tub filler is still in its box, now in front of the tub.

stairs base board

Stained baseboard in place on the stair landing.

It looks so much better, or maybe I should say less ‘huh?’¬†than the white that was there previously.


Doug-The-Painter didn’t just stain the baseboard and continue the finish paint of the house. He also atomize sprayed the front mesh for our surround speakers, no more stark white rectangles on medium gray wall.
They look darker than the wall due to the black speaker behind, I can fix that and I think it looks much better already.

The checklist is now down to a few items.
One lighting fixture is in the wrong spot, and the one that should go where it hangs is still in its box.
The appliances are in cardboard boxes in their respective rooms, but we are waiting on the ovens.
The tub filler is still in its box in the master bathroom.
Mirrors, towel bars and tp holders are yet to be hung and shower doors installed.
Lastly, the built in bookshelf is being finished off site (funny!) but other than that, it looks pretty close to done!


Things look great outdoors as well.


front yard 2 front yard       IMG_2779

Waiting on even more dirt to shallow out the front and west side swale, so that part has not been seeded yet.

Everywhere else the landscaping is in and ready for mulch and rocks. The backyard and east side future lawn areas are covered in a layer of straw, to help the grass seed germinate.

We also had a fence company out to measure and give us a quote for a 3 rail split rail fence.


Something has changed within me

Something is not the same.

The electricians and the painters were working at the house today putting in their finishing touches.
Appliances have been delivered, there are big cardboard boxes in both the kitchen and the laundry room just waiting to be installed. Fridge and freezer are evident, as is the dishwasher, not sure if the ovens have arrived yet. In the laundry room boxes we have washer, dryer, 2 pedestals and we think the 5th box in there might be the laundry sink.

Speaking of kitchen. I was thrilled to see this today:backsplash

Yes, I especially like the damaged drywall areas!

Why? Because yesterday it looked like this:IMG_2719
And I hated it. Those light mint green tiles made the whole backsplash look pixelated and the stark contrasts did not work for me at all. Especially not with the countertops, and those are not going anywhere.

If the light ones had been in a shade in between the dark and the middle colour, with more of a brown tone it would have been much closer to what I had envisioned.

Luckily, our head tile guy was installing the rubberized membrane on the dog tub in the basement. We happened upon him as we were checking out the basement while I was still whining about the kitchen.
We told him how we L-O-V-E how the shower turned out, but that the kitchen backsplash was atrocious (clearly no fault of his, that selection is all on me), and how I had read up on glass paint in different forums and been to craft stores earlier in the day to figure out how to paint the backsplash until we can have it replaced.
He said that since it wasn’t grouted yet, he could ‘just have his apprentice pop some of the light ones out’.
Serious doubletake.
He double checked to make sure he had enough of the other two colours to be able to pull it off, and he was only 1 bullnose tile short.

So instead of having a grouted backsplash today, we have this, and I couldn’t be happier about it!


More changes, we have hardscaping!
The foundation plants are also in. There are 6 trees left to be planted in the front yard, you can glimpse them to the right of the trucks in the photo. Also 6 more trees for the west side, but we are waiting on more dirt before they finish off the front yard and put down grass seed.

Landscaping happened yesterday, and we had them take out one of the apple trees in the back yard that was a little mutilated during septic tank install.
I liked that tree, but it will be easier to get the fence in now.

The new stairs leading down the the backyard, they flipped those huge stone slabs around with a backhoe and scooted them into place after digging out their spots with hand shovels.



And here is the backyard, the disturbed areas here have been seeded. The septic mound in the very back has new grass peeking through the straw!

We will kill off the ground covers in the treed areas and either seed it or plant something that is less likely to be poison ivy.

Heading indoors again:


Lockers, with hangers.


The kids’ fans were all lit up.

So were the can lights.

stairs and the light

Do you see it?
the light

It is THE light. The one I gave up my DIY itch for.
It is right where it should be and I think it looks awesome.

Another happy room.

powder room

Powder room, with electricity.

I think I might not have to stencil these walls after all, those are some really cool shadows cast by the chandelier.

The mirror is the only thing missing in here.

stair landing light

The painters had stained a couple of lengths of baseboard, to replace these white ones on the stair landing. It just looked odd with stained baseboards flanking the actual stairs, then switch to white at the landing and continue with stained for the other half of the stairs.

Also, there is a safety light here for night time stair-strolls.

The LED hand rail lights are yet to be installed.


Rocker switches in the office.


Power and ethernet ports. The desktop powerhouses will be hardwired for speed.

Our cabinet maker is building the built in bookcases off site, but besides that small thing, the office is finished.

The great room looks like this.


Those surround sound speakers make me sad.
We have this beautifully finished, perfectly smooth expanse of wall, and then there are those -things-.
The painter will try to dilute the wall paint down and atomize spray them, but the holes in the mesh are so fine it might not work that well.
What on earth was he (as in the husband) thinking?

Oh well, maybe I should take up tapestry making and cover that whole wall.

On a happier note: fireplace stone is pretty much the only thing left in here.
And blinds.



The rack with the home automation system,  waiting for more tech toys to move in.

master bedroom2

Master bedroom with electrical outlets and TV installed.

The electricians and painters were doing their final work, and the rope light in the tray ceiling was going in as we watched.

This room is done!


The ball over the tub all lit up.
The tub filler and the shower faucets are still in boxes in here.


The sconces that will flank the mirrors over the vanities all work.


Master closet #2 gets to close this post.

Wading through the appliance jungle

To prepare us for our kitchen meeting, Mike-the-Builder referred us to Heath at MAS distribution to help us with our appliance needs. That turned out to be a pretty spectacular eye opener, we’re never willingly paying retail again ūüėČ

I should start out by saying:¬†We love our dishwasher! It’s a Bosch we got a year ago, when Eric had one of his appliance lusting periods. He goes through them in cycles, it’s kind of endearing really.

With our current open concept kitchen, we can’t hear it running even if we’re in the kitchen. It cleans well and hasn’t given us any issues.
Bosch dishwasher

We’re getting one just like it for the new house. Why mess with a good thing.

With the huge new kitchen came Iron Chef aspirations.

While¬†dreaming about a nice, shiny gas cooktop, Eric¬†got his dreams cruelly crushed by the evil realist he married. If he picked a gas cooktop, he would be responsible for keeping it clean.¬†induction cooktopHe¬†settled for a 36″ induction cooktop with touch controls and beveled edges.

It will have a hood liner clad with something-yet-to-be-decided to top it off.

The built in microwave and convection wall oven will also be Electrolux, you’ll see the Swedish trend continue. This is actually the only appliance I had zoomed in on a brand for¬†beforehand. The 27″ combination has some really nice reviews on different forums. We want the 30″ version, supposedly being released in September.

Microwave oven on top, convection oven below.

Wave touch controls show up when you interact with the oven.

Shiny, blue innards.

Thanks to a previous appliance lusting occasion 2 years ago, we currently have a big French door fridge with freezer drawer. ¬†It’s very nice, even if the ice maker control board fried up after a year. I really like the full-wide drawer we use for sandwich making stuff, it’s at a good height for the boys to reach too, and the big space in the doors to hold five gallon jugs of milk and juice.¬†Does it always fit what we want to keep at home on a daily basis? Nope. With one teenager and 2 boys soon hitting their teenage eat-a-thon years, bigger could be better.

Enter full sized fridge and full sized freezer.

We could fit bodies in there, note the plural.

And this will be the washer and dryer

We went a little over budget on the appliances. Hopefully things work >.<

Next up is design meeting #2 with Modern Home Concept Katie and Interior Design Studio Kate on Friday.