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Paint it Black!

Paint selections happened today!.
As with all the interior decisions, we were meeting with Katie at the Interior Design Studio.

stamped concrete
I like gray.
I have plenty of gray walls now.
I like it.
We’re going with Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete in the foyer, hallways, formal dining room, the great rom and the kitchen.

This is the kitchen cabinet white, above samples of the backsplash (Pratt&Larson Watercolors W42, 43 & 45) and next to the Stamped Concrete paint

The trim throughout the house will be the same colour as our kitchen cabinets, classic white.

And these are the rest of the paint colours.
Wheat Grass will go in the office, with white board and batten wainscoting.
Copper Harbor will brighten up the east wall in the rec room in the basement, with Stamped Concrete on the other walls.

aloof gray
M picked Aloof Gray, as a green tinted gray for her room and bathroom. Since she’s the basement dweller, and her window is located beneath the deck, it will be dark in there.
She wants some swirly patterns on an accent wall, right now she’s leaning towards a sagey green. It will be a winter project.

The boy’s bedroom and the master bath will be painted Gray Clouds.

gray clouds
Large-Stencil-modernT wants a red and black accent wall, with ‘circle things’. After some browsing I showed him this picture of ‘funky wheel’ stenciling (Cutting Edge Stencils) and he loved it. In caps.

We’ll see how that decision evolves from now until the time comes to make it happen.

C is leaning towards different width chevron stripes in turquoise, blue and chartreuse.

Sounds like a painter’s tape job.

foggy day
The boy’s bathroom and the powder room (with white bead board) will get the darker Foggy Day colour. I see some silver or pearly iridescent stenciling happening in the powder room at some point.

urbane bronze

Finally the master bedroom.

Right now our bedroom is a submarine gray and we really like it. We’re going even darker in the new house with Urbane Bronze.


Stone and light – Design meeting #3

Our first stop today was at Chippewa Stone, in Medina and our second was at Whitmer’s Lighting, in Fairlawn.

The stoneyard visit took an hour and the lighting took three (!). And we still didn’t pick a main entry light.

We met with Interior Design Studio Katie, who helped us work through the stone yard’s selections of natural stone and quartz as well as the plethora of lightning options. I’m combining the two visits in this post, so things that belong in the same area get grouped together.

The first slab both Eric and I could agree on liking was Giallo Ornamental Light, which will go in the kids bathrooms, both the boys’ and Ms in the basement.

Kids bahts counter

As a refresher, their bathroom vanities are espresso stained maple, and their floors a light ceramic tile.

kids bath floor grout and vanity

bathroom lights The kids will have this light above their mirrors and vanities, but upside down so suicidal bugs will fall out and not accumulate in the glass chamber of Doom. The boys will each have a 2 light version, and M will have a 3 light over her mirror.

All three are getting the same ceiling fan in their bedrooms, with modified boob light >_<

Kids fansThat was it for today’s kiddie selections


Chocolate! What’s not to like.

This is the counter for the laundry room. The cabinets in there will be white and the tile floor has the same small grain look as the counter. The photo of the tile is a little lighter than reality.

Laundry floor

On to the master bath. Here we went with a Caesarstone Classico in Nougat.

I’m very happy with how this worked with the striped floor especially.

Katie had samples of our flooring and vanities, among other things, in her awesome bag-of-holding. Here they are all together:

Master bath counter and floor

Master floor shower wall and accent     Master bath floor and shower floor

These are the other master bath selections, shower wall with accent to the left, and floor, shower wall and shower floor mosaic to the right.

I did not get a picture of our bathroom sconces, because I forgot. They will be similar to this one in shape, mounted vertically on each side of the mirrors in the master bath.master bath sconcesAnd finally the crazy ball that will go over the master tub, it will be one size down from the one showed.

master bath chandelier

Here is our master bedroom fan, followed by the bigger great room fan with dark blades.

master bedroom fangreat room fan

The office will have this fan with seeded glass (so we’ll till get those cool patterns thrown on the walls from the bubbles in the glass) and an old bronze finish and darker blades than the picture shows. 

Onward to the kitchen!
Katie found our backsplash! It’s a crackle subway tile in three different shades of green, I think it will look awesome! Something along these lines with a third of the tiles darker, and a third lighter than this. Emser Tile Cape Cod 3

Since we have white cabinets Eric wanted a darker counter while I leaned towards light. So we tried finding something in between. We saw this and really liked it:


It even had some olive in there, but there were only two slabs left from this lot, and both were claimed. They had another batch but it was a lot darker and busier, not for us.
A few rows further back we found something else we both thought looked nice. Again they only had 2 slabs so in a worst case scenario we will only get it on the island, and then go with a calmer medium dark gray Caesarstone quartz on the perimeter counters. In this slab we have some light and medium gray with darker gray veins and there’s also some taupe in there and a green tint.

When we came to the kitchen lighting, Jason, our sales rep at Whitmer, mentioned this ‘really different Area51 series’ in passing, we passed it in the store and I made a remark that it reminded me of ‘Alien mucous. It’s a snot light!’. After a moment followed by ‘I like it.’
Eric actually agreed, it wasn’t as crystally as he had feared.
The cage around the glass blobs will be a dark antique bronze instead of white, and it will have two buddies to dangle with over the island. It really looks a lot cooler in person and the green of the glass works well with the green of the backsplash.

snot light kitchen  The hard part was finding a kitchen table light that played nicely with it. After some old school catalog browsing we found something we hope won’t look too out of place. Also with greenish glass.

We’re going with the bigger one, to the table light

There will be a flushmount light by the garage entry, and a small classic crystal chandelier in the powder room.

Eric claimed he will never look at this light, and if he has to use the half bath, he’ll keep his eyes closed.
I honestly don’t care as long as he hits the inside of the toilet :p

We did pick out a very cool looking chandelier for the ‘formal dining/reading area’ form a catalogue, but I forgot to take a photo.

The one light we have left is for the main entry. I want a metal hoop ball pendant/chandelier, with a crystal pendant in the center, but I haven’t found the right one yet. I might try to make one and when that thought strikes, it’s difficult to settle for something less than that image that evolves in my head.

Design meeting #2

Today we selected cabinet fronts and hardware, closet shelving, stair spindles, ceiling texture, switches and dimmers. Also tile for baths and laundry room and flooring for the basement.

Cabinet door styleThis modified shaker style door with a beveled inner edge (easier to clean?) will be used throughout the house.

In the kitchen and laundry room the cabinets will be painted ‘Classic white’. Jaco bean brown in the master bath, and in the kids’ baths the cabinets will be stained espresso.

Kitchen cabinet color and wall color ‘Classic white’ shown with a paint chip of Sherwin William’s ‘Misty’, a possible wall color for the kitchen or great room.

Cabinet hardware in brushed nickel. Bathrooms and laundry room will just have knobs, no handles.


Concrete’y, laundry room floor tile, with a medium gray grout. White cabinets and white washer and dryer.Laundry floor

kids bath floor grout and vanity The upper left corner of this photo shows the stain for the kids’ vanities. The tile is a sample of the kids’ bathroom floor tile, a 12×12 in a staggered pattern. The picture also shows a sliver of the matching grout at the very bottom.

Master bath:

Master floor shower wall and accent

Master bath floor and shower floor

Here are  the Master bath samples. The floor will be the stranded light gray, the lower of the two to the right in the left picture – 12×24 Zera Annex in Silver.

The walls in the shower will be the solid white tile, American Olean’s Urban Tones in Designer White, accented with the Anatolia Fusion random strip mosaic in the colour ‘Clay’ the walls will have a light grout to reduce the pattern of the big field tile.

The shower floor will be the tiny square stone / glass mix mosaic seen in the right picture, called Dusk & Dawn from Crossville. It also sits on top of the bathroom floor tile and the floor grout can be hinted, it’s the gray triangle sliver at the bottom.


The vanities will be the already mentioned dark brown, to match the tub base.

We decided on a LVFT vinyl plank for the basement floor. If we ever have a moisture problem, it will most likely hold up better than both wood and laminate. And it should do fine with the 16 (20?) paws it will share a home with. The color is 02 Walnut.

Basement chestnut vinyl plank

The stairs down to the basement will have the same hickory hardwood as the upstairs, but we added a carpet runner, because slippery stairs are not awesome. In a house with only hard surface flooring we went with a commercial grade carpet that will in theory hold up very well.

Not something I would chose on my own, but compromises happen. And It will be grippy and protect both stairs and stair users.

Stair runner carpetA similar compromise was made for the stair spindles. I wanted simple straight black iron.  Eric wanted some decorative double knuckles. So we’re doing every other spindle…

We didn’t pick a kitchen backsplash. I’m hoping for something light sage green, probably in a subway tile.  Will update when I find it. =)

Next designer meeting will be for lighting *dreading*

First design meeting

On June 16th we had our first meeting with Kate from The Interior Design Studio and Katie and Mike-the-Builder from Modern Home Concepts to go over our selections. The exterior choices had already been made and ordered before they broke ground for the house, but we got to see samples. Plenty of earth tones including grays, clay and browns.


The front will have a predominately gray stone mix cladding the foundation as well as the exterior wall of the office and the garage. It will also cover the bases of the three front porch columns.

The majority of the remaining front facade will have shakes like the sample in the center of the next photo. Foundry 7″ staggered shake in ‘Harvest Wheat’.Exterior colors

The siding will be clay, windows almond but with white trim around them so they won’t just blend in. The fascia and upper part of the front porch columns will also be w hite. I am not sure I remember correctly but the gray might be for downspouts? The shutters will be stained SW Buckthorn.

The roof shingles will be ‘driftwood’, a dark brown/gray dimensional shingle with lighter brown specks.

And finally the front door will be the darkest brown wood chip in the stack, the one underneath the shake.

We will have a variegated medium brown stained hickory floor throughout the main floor, except the bathrooms and the laundry room which will be tiled. That is for next meeting through.

One other selection had been made and that was the tub in the master bathroom:bfusacwbwalnutTa-da! It will be awesome.

Plumbing fixtures were on the agenda, something that in my mind should just work and be easy to clean. Not something you fall in love with…
The plumber who does the installs warrants Moen faucets, so that’s what we went with.

After some thinking about knobs vs levers we ended up with these:

Bathroom faucets from the 90 degree collection.

 A faucet from the Align collection for the kitchen.

American Standard 2794.204

The toilets will be elongated, comfort height American Standard Studio with concealed trap and dual flush.

ETA: After some decision anxiety we settled on the Delta Trinsic freestanding tub filler.
Now I’m doubting the square faucets.

Before the next meeting we should have appliances selected, because then we meet with Steve-the-cabinetmaker.