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Life is a driveway?

Slightly far fetched title to this post, I know.

We met Mike-the-Builder at the house Saturday morning to outline how and where we wanted the exterior concrete.
The driveway and walkway to the front door got some measurements and borders spraypainted


These are the squigglies of the curves of the walkway meeting the driveway. The walkway is mostly straight across the front of the garage, with a smooth radius curve squaring up to the front door, no snaking path but also not all hard angles.
We also made sure to get a deeper than standard  garden bed in front of the garage.

The rear patio was something we had previously discussed and we decided to get a concrete pad poured for that as well.
It will be a foundation pad stretching all the way under the deck, and we will install pavers on top of it, but the slope will be set so it won’t have to happen right away.

Maybe next spring.

We will meet with the landscaper on Tuesday and plan to bring up possible sandstone steps down the side of the house from the garage to the rear patio.

I also have to look into what kind of fence we can put up around the back yard. I’m thinking split rail, that’s what the development has at the entrance, or vinyl either 3 rail or cross buck.


Plaid shorts clad Parshendi jumping the chasm between the gravel piles who get to stand in for plateaus at the driveway version of the Shattered Plain. Brandon Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings” is our current car ride audiobook. Check it out!

With the concrete taken care of, we could go check out what had happened since our last visit.
Inside we met our painter from Schreiner Painting working on the window trim in the great room, to prepare for the spray gun.
Yes, on a Saturday.
He had some wicked taping skills, and the areas he had already finished looked flawless.


The powder room bead board. Sink to the left, toilet to the right.



Doors too!

Here is the very big, and very white pantry.

IMG_2418 IMG_2419


Just outside the pantry door, the beverage center cabinets have found their living place.

This was the very last change we did to the kitchen plans. We originally had drawers on each side of the under counter fridge, but as we moved the pantry door over and shrunk the beverage center area 2 feet, the drawers were very narrow and it looked cramped.

Now we have bottle storage instead.

Not that I remember us ever having more than a couple bottles of wine in the house at one time.  But fear not, now those two bottles will have somewhere to live!

The arched transoms of the front door, the dining room and office windows have their arched trim in place


Formal dining room, aka future reading spot.
Has lots of natural light. Needs big, comfy reading chair and side table.

Moving outside again.


This is today’s front view. Notice anything new?
whats new

A closer look at the shutters (still to be painted), rain gutters and downspouts!

Well timed as we finally had some rain the evening before, after a month and a half of next to no precipitation. (To make up for the constant downpour that was June and half of July I assume.)
Anyway, it helped set and pack the dirt around the foundation a little.

Mike assured us there will be more dirt brought in to shallow out the front swale, and the steep grade on the west side of the house.
No riding mower tipping hazards.

That’s it for updates until Tuesday!