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~ We found home ~ or ~ ‘Honey, it looks like we’re building again’

After a spring of house hunting – seeing some gorgeous lots in nice locations, some nice houses in very good shape, but never the two at the same time at a price we were willing to pay. We were getting discouraged. I guess our (my?) wants and needs are particular.

We hadn’t completely written off building, which was our first thought back in January. We just hadn’t found the right lot.
In the middle of May, a builder on the ‘other side of the city’ had an Open House in a model home in the final stages of construction. We went to take a peek before heading to look at a couple of houses in that same area with our realtor.

May 2015 2

After viewing a gazillion colonials, this was really nice. It’s the house in the center of the photo.

An open concept ranch with a walk out basement. There were some minor things in the floor plan that weren’t ideal for our needs,  but the workmanship evident in the build was a treat to see. We talked to the builder’s realtor representative and got his card to schedule a talk with the builder. We also browsed some of the lots in the development before we left, and a couple of them had potential, being a little secluded and not just open field.
When we went to the meeting on June 6th the builder almost thought it was a practical joke when we mentioned what we want in a new house. Ranch, walkout basement, 4 bedrooms, master away from the kids, 3 car garage, private lot, trees. His eyebrows rose and he blurted out ‘3000 square feet? This is what I’m building next door!’ as he spreads out construction drawings on the table in front of us.

IMG_1150                    Backhoe

He had the footers in already, as he was building it to show in the fall Parade of Homes. All it was missing was a family.

floor plan

There is was! With a small adjustment of taking out a bathroom for a dedicated home office, the plan had 4.5 which felt excessive, and adding a man door in the basement for the dog mud room, it was our house.

Office on the first floor > teenager on the first floor. Said cave dweller gets a bedroom suite in the walk out basement and couldn’t be happier.

May 2015
Now what about the lot? We had to walk it! In sandals and flip flops, because being prepared to wade through underbrush is overrated. You can see the lot in question in the drone photo above. It’s on the right side of the picture, the empty area with the yellow back hoe. It stretches back and the rear lot line is where the trees end. We were pretty excited, and told the builder and realtors we would go home and think it over.Modern Home Concepts

We had another meeting at the model house on June 8th and signed the papers with Mike at Modern Home Concepts.
It’s not 10+ acres, it’s 2.14. I won’t have livestock, but there will be plenty or space to play with the dogs. The area is gorgeous, the schools are top notch and it’s q-u-i-e-t.

On june 8th the basement wall moulds had been delivered!Footers


front elevetion smaller

Rear elevation

Facing east

Facing west


Our updated floorplan with media closet, linen closet and built in bookshelves in the office in lieu of office bath. Also a huge WC… Plenty of space for acrobatics?
The kitchen layout will be slightly different from the one shown, no cooktop in the island and bigger fridge & freezer.


The finished part of the basement to the right, and the dog area to the left.

We officially own a huge hole in the ground! =D