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Basement walls

On June 9th I went to the house to meet with our realtor and pick up a copy of the contract. There was a crew there working on setting up the moulds to pour the basement.
Basement moulds

5 Days later, on the 14th it looked like this when we stopped by on the way to Grandma & Grandpa:
See driveway

Standing at the road this is how high the basement sits. The builder will bring in lots of dirt from another dig to build up the front yard and get a nice grade away from the house in this direction too. You can make out the double and single bay garage openings facing the end of the construction driveway on the right.

Oooh, basement!

Facing west

Looking into the walk out part of the basement where the rec room and M’s room will be in the bump out part.  The sliding glass door opening is visible on the right wall.
The dog mud room will be in the back portion, toward the neighbour.

Walkout facing south
It looks really big. I remember from back when we built our first house that when it was framed it looked smaller than it did when the drywall was up. Somehow I don’t think this will look small, maybe just not quite as huge.