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Electric trench and insulation

trench    meter box

Greeting us today was some 120+ feet of utility trench with a looong length of fancy gray conduit running the whole length from the box at the road up to the meter box on the house.

The theme colour of the day indoors was cotton candy pink.


Here is the shower in the master bath. Two shower heads now!

barrel ceiling

The barrel ceiling above the tub.

tub filler

These are the water lines for the floor mounted tub filler.

master bedroom insulation

The west-facing wall in the master bedroom, complete with pink panthers.

walk though walls We will not be able to walk through walls for much longer. Considering the abundance of poltergeist trip wires we probably shouldn’t anyway.

This photo was taken while standing in the master bedroom looking east.

cadens room insulation

This is C’s exterior corner (NE) I thought it showed the wall insulation meeting the inner roof baffles pretty well. The ceiling insulation will be blown in, and this dark plastic material will make sure there is still room for air to circulate between the insulation and the roof sheathing.  The air channels allow fresh outdoor air to enter through the soffits and hopefully help with air moisture removal as it makes its way up, as air rises when it gets warmed up, and out the ridge vents.

I found a graphic from the US Department of Energy’s website, to show what I’m trying to say.
It even has arrows. Very educational. te332_allotherceilings5_pnnl_6-28-12

hose bib

We found a hose bib by the garage door. I foresee some Bruce grooming happening on the driveway using it.

outdoor camera

This is a picture of a small coil of blue wire. See it? Just a little bit off center diagonally to the upper left corner.
That’s where one of the outdoor cameras will go. Enter our yard and we WILL spy on you 😉