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Wading through the appliance jungle

To prepare us for our kitchen meeting, Mike-the-Builder referred us to Heath at MAS distribution to help us with our appliance needs. That turned out to be a pretty spectacular eye opener, we’re never willingly paying retail again ūüėČ

I should start out by saying:¬†We love our dishwasher! It’s a Bosch we got a year ago, when Eric had one of his appliance lusting periods. He goes through them in cycles, it’s kind of endearing really.

With our current open concept kitchen, we can’t hear it running even if we’re in the kitchen. It cleans well and hasn’t given us any issues.
Bosch dishwasher

We’re getting one just like it for the new house. Why mess with a good thing.

With the huge new kitchen came Iron Chef aspirations.

While¬†dreaming about a nice, shiny gas cooktop, Eric¬†got his dreams cruelly crushed by the evil realist he married. If he picked a gas cooktop, he would be responsible for keeping it clean.¬†induction cooktopHe¬†settled for a 36″ induction cooktop with touch controls and beveled edges.

It will have a hood liner clad with something-yet-to-be-decided to top it off.

The built in microwave and convection wall oven will also be Electrolux, you’ll see the Swedish trend continue. This is actually the only appliance I had zoomed in on a brand for¬†beforehand. The 27″ combination has some really nice reviews on different forums. We want the 30″ version, supposedly being released in September.

Microwave oven on top, convection oven below.

Wave touch controls show up when you interact with the oven.

Shiny, blue innards.

Thanks to a previous appliance lusting occasion 2 years ago, we currently have a big French door fridge with freezer drawer. ¬†It’s very nice, even if the ice maker control board fried up after a year. I really like the full-wide drawer we use for sandwich making stuff, it’s at a good height for the boys to reach too, and the big space in the doors to hold five gallon jugs of milk and juice.¬†Does it always fit what we want to keep at home on a daily basis? Nope. With one teenager and 2 boys soon hitting their teenage eat-a-thon years, bigger could be better.

Enter full sized fridge and full sized freezer.

We could fit bodies in there, note the plural.

And this will be the washer and dryer

We went a little over budget on the appliances. Hopefully things work >.<

Next up is design meeting #2 with Modern Home Concept Katie and Interior Design Studio Kate on Friday.