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The green, green grass of home

The kids started their new schools today, because it is the start of a new grading period. Meaning for the next couple of weeks we leave our current house at 6.20, drive to, through and past the city to get the high schooler to her school on time.
Then we have an hour and a half to find breakfast before the elementary school opens its doors for the other kids.
In the afternoon the roles are reversed, high schooler gets out an hour earlier than the younger ones.
This means house visits!

We’ve spied on the school bus, lounged on the hearth in front of the fireplace, and had breakfast at the kitchen island.

Here are some staged photos from the Parade of Homes.






This light will swap places with the one above the kitchen table.
Our dining table will live in the kitchen, and this area will be a reading nook.



Edited to Add: The Parade is over and the staged furniture and accessories were moved out on the 22nd of October.
All ready for touch ups that Friday, Cable guys on Saturday, Cleaning crew on Monday and our stuff on Tuesday!

shades hill october 17 2015

Front lawn is coming in nicely!
Much less work than the poor neighbours who seeded their lawns during summer.
Front yard October 17 2015

Our oak tree is changing color.
We also have our first weeds in the garden beds.


O Tannenbaum

This morning was for pointing out where I wanted our complimentary pine trees planted. We figured we would use them as a screen to the neighbour’s basketball court by the dog door corner. That way we would also get more privacy for the rear patio by closing up the only gap in the greenery around the back yard.

The six we were expecting had turned into ten, as by magic.


This is one way to make ten (eleven, since they also planted the oak tree) holes appear without the breaking of backs and gnashing of teeth.
Very cool drill.
I took these photos through the window while standing on the toilet in the master bathroom.


Placing the trees in their holes. Four pines get to live where I had planned that the Oak tree should go.
The oak had been planted offset from the front door and office window just before I arrived. It looked nice so this was way to still get something along that west side of the front yard.


Rinse and repeat in the spot where we were originally hoping to plant pines.

There is one more hole further left, so six in total back here.


Tilling after the trees were put in place, to loosen the dirt form all the heavy trucks that have passed through to the back during construction.


These photos were taken through one of the master bedroom windows.


Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, heading to the front yard for a break.


The rock hound came next, raking the top layer finer and picking up everything bigger than a fist.


Then more oldschool manpower. Lots of raking to smoothen everything out even more before the grass seed was spread.


The birch tree by the garage looks stressed, I hope it makes it.

The front was seeded and done by the time I left. They had a truck with straw and a blower up on the road just waiting for its turn. I believe they were also going to put mulch down before calling it all done.

I watched most of the planting from inside the house. Not nearly as cold and windy in there.

The cabinet maker had delivered the laundry room cabinetry and the office bookcase.
Drew, our trim carpenter, was at work finishing off the fiddly bits to make it fit in just so.

The bookcase looks nice, but at less than half the size of the one we have in our current office, it feels small.
It is scooted in a little awkwardly, showing a gap at the top, not sure who thought that would be a great idea.

I suppose we will put the current favourite books in this bookcase, and the rest in a secondary wall of books in the basement.

We’ve got board game storage though!


Different view of the great room with staged furniture.

A light fabric couch is NOT in our future, we will stick with leather thankyouverymuch. >.<


I watched as the induction cooktop was put into place by Mike-the-Builder and one more man. It was a tight fit, but it slid down to sit flush in its spot.

Also another close up of the handmade backsplash, without mint green and without drywall craters.

IMG_2897 IMG_2896

Master bathroom mirrors were going to get hung today. I guess these are the last ‘before’ photos.IMG_2924

Rubber duckie ledge in the master shower.


Not our bed, but the shield on the wall is way cool.

It and the bar stools can stay =D


The exterior painters were busy painting the white trim, and the shutters have their final colour now.
Next time, the house will be surrounded by a field of straw!

I like dirt

front grading done

Dreary last day of September, but I think it’s overcast on purpose. Look how nice the new dirt looks in the front yard against all the gray.

The last of the expected dirt has indeed arrived and been spread and final grading had just finished when I took this photo. The bulldozer was being loaded on a trailer after a job well done.

We walked into the house and saw Designer-Katie and MHC-Kate at work decorating for the open house.
Not really my style, but it doesn’t have to be.

great room

I was told to go check out the basement, so I did.

dog bath

Dog bath has been tiled in dirt colored tile!
It’s 30 by 40 with the bottom at 20″. I will paint the back wall with something that is easy to wipe off and put the grooming table to the right of the dog tub.
Add some type of cheapo plastic shower curtain/bio hazmat solution to contain the hair when blow drying.

We’ll see.

dog bath 2

Closeup. The sprayer is ordered and will make an appearance very soon.

M showerSpeaking of baths, Ms shower has doors.

Heading upstairs.
Stair runner and the cool undermounted LED lights have been installed. The Runner is covered in heavy duty plastic wrap to protect it.

stair from basement

stair light strip stair rail light stairs

The fridge and freezer have moved into their permanent positions in the kitchen.


The backsplash has been grouted, except for the 5-and-change mint green placeholder tiles above the blue water bottle.

A handful of the darker colour tiles have been ordered and will be installed and grouted and no more mint will enter this house ever again.


Still got the wrong light fixture over the dining area but other than that it looks pretty good.
I like the bar stools!
Dishwasher in the lower right corner.

Ending with some new photos of the master bath with sparkly new glass surround and door.master bath 2 master bath

master bath3 master shower doors

Cabinets and grout

This is supposedly the last month of the build for us. The local parade of homes being the deadline,
the first couple of weeks of October.

Then Mike-the-builder wants one week for cleaning and touch ups before we move in.
Trim, cabinets and flooring is happening right now. And the septic installers were finishing up in the back yard.

But first:

Lockers! The first thing you see stepping into the house through the garage entry door.

Looks awesome!

Next up was the kitchen.


We have cabinets! And they are wonderful. Raised dishwasher in the tower on the left hand side. Then sink and cooktop.


Our cabinet makers were taking a lunch break in the office, but cracked a couple of smiles when they came
back to see us excitedly checking everything out.
I can verify that the soft close drawers work. All of them *grin*.


Plywood cabinet boxes waiting their turn to find their place.
fridge spot

Monster fridge parking spot, and the ovens will go to the right.

We will place the templates on the granite slabs next week, and the countertops will be installed next Thursday.

Boys bedroom

Next stop was the boys’ bathroom, to see if there were cabinets there too.

boys bath

That is also a Yes! They are gorgeous irl, the photos don’t do the stain justice. It is tough to capture with just natural
light from the bedroom windows and a camera phone.

boys bath grout

Also, the floor is grouted!

On to the master bathroom!

master bath

This stain on these vanities is also gorgeous!

master bath vanity

There is one vanity on each side of the door opening visible here. This one is MINE. And I love it.

This one is not.

Eric walked in, took a long look and remarked that it is a lot of space to store his deodorant and toothbrush.

The floor in here has also been grouted.
The shower on the other hand has not been tiled yet.
The tile setters noticed imperfections in the wall tile’s color, black specks where there should be none. There was questions whether we could get replacement tile of the same kind delivered in time to hit the deadline so we will go with a different dimension tile, 4×12, in the same soft white colour as previously decided for the shower walls.

It will be fine. =)

office 2 office

The trim carpenters have been busy with baseboards, doors, windows and pillars, but also the board and batten in the office.

We’re still debating desk layouts in here, maybe the huge parrot cage gets to live in the great room, and we’ll hang the orbit and rope walkways by the office window and get a tree play stand or something for Pi to hang out on and keep us company when we’re cooped up in here.

This is M’s bathroom in the basement, Her 36″ vanity (it looks tiny in comparison!) also looks great and the floor has been grouted.Ms bathms bedroom

Her bedroom and walk in closet also has floor today! The baseboards and all the trim is in place as well.

stair wire

Apart from seeing the wood floor, this is the thing I am most curious about right now. It is the power for the stair hand rail light strips.

Outdoors a lot of dirt had been moved.


The backyard as seen from the rec room.


Further back a crew was working on the septic mound installation.


The big front yard piles have been used to grade close to the house. I still hope there is more to come so the swale doesn’t have to be quite that pronounced.

Makes for great landscaping possibilities, but also a little scary to mow.