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Shake, shake, shake!

Today’s stop let us see shake progress!
That it let us SEE the shakes was really cool in an of itself. The little chip we had still left us wondering how it would look like irl. Now we know.
It’s in the same colour family as the siding, just a little darker. It feels pretty safe and not very crazy. The white trim boards really help make everything feel less bland.
We’re really curious about the stone now!

The east exterior is DONE! 1 / 4, check. The rear is nearly finished, area wise. The outside of the great room and master bedroom is left. The area with crazy many windows, so lots of cuts to hang the siding.

Also new today: soffits! fascia boards! and LOCKS!!!
Meaning the front door was locked, the inner garage door was locked, with a master lock key box for the subs.
The rear sliding door was also locked but the ‘dog door’ wasn’t!
So we went into stealth mode and sneaked into our own house.

First off I have to mention that the light flowing into the house in the late afternoon is really nice!

As for the walls, the drywall has a first layer of tape and mud and the drywall crew has really cleaned up inside! Only a few cut off pieces laying around today by the cutting station in the great room. And the prerequisite layer of drywall dust is now present. Everywhere.

The deck ceiling looks great, so does the very purple drywall in the splash zones in the master bath. The actual shower will have cement board backing.

dining room

Finishing off with a photo of the mixing station. The dining room has got a bunch of joint compound boxes, the green is regular and the ‘lite blue’ for the corner bead.

There were more boxes lining the wall to the left out of picture but two pictures of boxes seemed like overkill.


Siding has started!

At the front of the house some windows have trim! There are also scribbles on the house wrap indicating where there should be siding, shakes and stone.

We weren’t sure if that was it for progress as we walked around the house clockwise; but once we turned the corner by the dog room there it was.


The colour is very neutral, more gray than beige and no yellow undertone, to my relief. Yellow is not a favourite.

As we walked through the basement the two man siding crew took their lunch break. They were playing classic rock in their truck on the way to search for food so we could look around without feeling like we were oogling their semi dressed state. >.<

The bigger indoor drywall crew on the other hand were fully clothed, and listened to Mexican music. They they were labouring away furiously putting corner bead up, so we didn’t want to disturb them.

We did sneak into the boys’ bedrooms. The second to last photo shows the corner bead at the funky angle in T’s bedroom. The entrance door to his room is on the right, his walk in closet to the left.

Finally, the last picture is of the boys’ purple bathroom.